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Publicaciones de Odontología: 2023


Arellano Moncayo, A. M., Peñate, L., Arregui, M., Giner-Tarrida, L., & Cedeño, R. (2023). State of the Art of Different Zirconia Materials and Their Indications According to Evidence-Based Clinical Performance: A Narrative Review. Dentistry Journal, 11(1)

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Fagundes, N. C. F., Minervini, G., Alonso, B. F., Nucci, L., Grassia, V., D'apuzzo, F., Puigdollers, A., Perillo, L., & Flores-mir, C. (2023). Patient-Reported Outcomes while Managing Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Oral Appliances: a Scoping Review. Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice, 23(15), 101786.

Giordano-Kelhoffer, B., Rodríguez-Gonzalez, R., Perpiñan-Blasco, M., Buitrago, J. O., Bosch, B. M., & Perez, R. A. (2023). A Novel Chitosan Composite Biomaterial with Drug Eluting Capacity for Maxillary Bone Regeneration. Materials, 16(2)

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