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de Haro, C; Magrans, R; Lopez-Aguilar, J; Montanya, J; Lena, E; Subira, C; Fernandez-Gonzalo, S; Goma, G; Fernandez, R; Albaiceta, GM; Skrobik, Y; Lucangelo, U; Murias, G; Ochagavia, A; Kacmarek, RM; Rue, M; Blanch, L; de Haro, C; Lopez-Aguilar, J;  Magrans, R; Fernandez-Gonzalo, S; Goma, G; Chacon, E; Estruga, A; Ochagavia, A; Blanch, L; Montanya, J; Sales, B; Lena, E;  Lucangelo, U; Fernandez, R; Subira, C; Albaiceta, GM; Fernandez-Mondejar, E; Murias, G; Kacmarek, RM. "Effects of sedatives and opioids on trigger and cycling asynchronies throughout mechanical ventilation: an observational study in a large dataset from critically ill patients". Critical Care (2019), 23, número de art. 245.

Categoría: Critical Care Medicine (SCIE)

Cuartil: 1 (6/33)


Martinez, C; Castellano, Y; Andres, A; Fu, M; Feliu, A; Anton, L; Ballbe, M; Fernandez, P; Cabrera, S; Riccobene, A; Gavilan, E; Baena, A; Margalef, M; Tigova, O; Quiros, N; Guillen, O; Company, A; Fernandez, E. "Impact of an Online Training Program in Smoking Cessation Interventions in Hospitals". Journal of Nursing Scholarship (2019), 51(4), p.449-458.

Categoría: Nursing (SCIE)

Cuartil:1 (3/120)


McNicholl, AG; Amador, J; Ricote, M; Canones-Garzon, PJ; Gene, ECalvet, X; Gisbert, JP. "Spanish primary care survey on the management of Helicobacter pylori infection and dyspepsia: Information, attitudes, and decisions". Helicobacter (2019), 24(4), número de art. e12593.

Categorías: Gastroenterology & Hepatology; Microbiology (SCIE)

Cuartil: 2


Macpherson, I; Roque, MV; Segarra, I. "Moral enhancement, at the peak of pharmacology and at the limit of ethics". Bioethics (2019). Article; Early Access. 

Categorías: Ethics; Medical Ethics; Social Issues; Social Sciences, Biomedical (SCIE-SSCI)

Cuartil: 2

Sancho-Puchades, M; Alfaro, FH; Naenni, N; Jung, R; Hammerle, C; Schneider, D. "A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial Comparing Conventional And Computer-Assisted Implant Planning and Placement in Partially Edentulous Patients. Part 2: Patient Related Outcome Measures". International Journals of Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry (2019), 39(4), p.E99-E110.

Categoría: Dentistry, Oral Surgery & Medicine (SCIE)

Cuartil: 4


Mora, AM. "Voices of Holderlin". Anales del Seminario de Historia de la Filosofía (2019), 36(2), p.575-577. Book Review. 

Arts & Humanities Citation Index


Lichtenfeld, S., Maier, M.A., Buechner, V.L., Capo, M.F. "The influence of decisional and emotional forgiveness on attributions". Frontiers in Psychology (2019), 10, art. número 245.

Categoría: Psychology (miscellaneous) (SCOPUS)

Cuartil: 1


Miralpeix, C., Fosch, A., Casas, J., Baena, M., Herrero, L., Serra, D., Rodríguez-Rodríguez, R., Casals, N. "Hypothalamic endocannabinoids inversely correlate with the development of diet-induced obesity in male and female mice". Journal of Lipid Research (2019), 60(7), p.1260-1269.

Categorías: Biochemistry; Cell Biology; Endocrinology (SCOPUS) 

Cuartil: 1


Bállega, E., Carballar, R., Samper, B., Ricco, N., Ribeiro, M.P., Bru, S., Jiménez, J., Clotet, J. "Comprehensive and quantitative analysis of G1 cyclins. A tool for studying the cell cycle". PloS one (2019), 14(6), p.e0218531.

Categorías: Agricultural and Biological Sciences (miscellaneous); Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology (miscellaneous); Medicine (miscellaneous) (SCOPUS)

Cuartil: 1


Llorens Garcia, A., Prat Farran, J.D., Berbegal-Mirabent, J. "ICT skills gap in Spain: Before and after a decade of harmonizing the European Higher Education Area". Computer Applications in Engineering Education (2019), 27(4), p.934-942.

Categoría: Engineering (miscellaneous) (SCOPUS)

Cuartil: 1


Velasco-Ortega, E., Ortiz-García, I., Jiménez-Guerra, A., Monsalve-Guil, L., Muñoz-Guzón, F., Perez, R.A., Gil, F.J. "Comparison between sandblasted acid-etched and oxidized titanium dental implants: In vivo study". International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2019), 20(13), art. número 3267.

Categorías: Catalysis; Computer Science Applications; Inorganic Chemistry; Medicine (miscellaneous); Organic Chemistry; Physical and Theoretical Chemistry; Spectroscopy (SCOPUS)

Cuartil: 1


Álvarez-Mercado, A.I., Negrete-Sánchez, E., Gulfo, J., Ávalos de León, C.G., Casillas-Ramírez, A., Cornide-Petronio, M.E., Bujaldon, E., Rotondo, F., Gracia-Sancho, J., Jiménez-Castro, M.B., Peralta, C. "EGF-GH Axis in Rat Steatotic and Non-steatotic Liver Transplantation From Brain-dead Donors". Transplantation (2019), 103(7), p.1349-1359.

Categoría: Transplantation (SCOPUS)

Cuartil: 1


Escribano, X., Trilles-Calvo, K.P. "The pain of others and its expression in drama: Phenomenology and performance". Isegoria (2019), 60, p.147-167.

Categoría: Philosophy (SCOPUS)

Cuartil: 3


Lomero-Martínez, M.M., Jiménez-Herrera, M.F., Bodí-Saera, M.A., Llaurado-Serra, M., Masnou-Burallo, N., Oliver-Juan, E., Sandiumenge-Camps, A. "Comment to «In reply to the question: Are we really playing together in the same team?»". Enfermeria Intensiva (2019), 30(3), p.149-150. Letter.

Categoría: Critical Care and Intensive Care Medicine (SCOPUS)

Cuartil: 3


De Abajo, J.R., Jorge, B.E., Martín, J.M.G., Díaz, H.C., Ferrer, J.F.L., López, A.A. "Effect of femtosecond laser-assisted lens surgery on the optic nerve head and the macula". International Journal of Ophtalmology (2019), 12(6), p.961-966.

Categoría: Ophtalmology (SCOPUS)

Cuartil: 3


Trigueros, J., Lacasa-Mas, I. "Colloquy with Maxwell McCombs at the University of Texas at Austin: agenda setting, a limitless theory in a connected world". Church, Communication and Culture (2018), 3(1), p.53-74. Note.

Sin Categoría (SCOPUS)

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