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de Tapia, B; Mozas, C; Valles, C; Nart, J; Sanz, M; Herrera, D. "Adjunctive effect of modifying the implant-supported prosthesis in the treatment of peri-implant mucositis". Journal of Clinical Periodontology (2019), 46(10), p.1050-1060.

Categoría: Dentistry, Oral Surgery & Medicine (SCIE)

Cuartil: 1


Moreno, DF; Jenkins, K; Morlot, S; Charvin, G; Csikasz-Nagy, A; Aldea, M. "Proteostasis collapse, a hallmark of aging, hinders the chaperone-Start network and arrests cells in G1". Elife (2019), 8, número de art. e48240.

Categoría: Biology (SCIE)

Cuartil: 1


Nunez-Toldra, R; Montori, S; Bosch, B; Hupa, L; Atari, M; Miettinen, S. "S53P4 Bioactive Glass Inorganic Ions for Vascularized Bone Tissue Engineering by Dental Pulp Pluripotent-Like Stem Cell Cocultures". Tissue Engineering Part A (2019), 25(17-18), p.1213-1224.

Categorías: Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology; Cell Biology (SCIE)

Cuartil: 2


Seijas, R; Barastegui, D; Montana, F. "Our Surgeries Get Better, But Our Patients Get Worse What Kind of Patients Are We Operating?". Journal of Investigative Surgery (2019). Editorial Material.

Categoría: Surgery (SCIE)

Cuartil: 3


Gonzalez-Marron, A; Real, J; Forne, C; Roso-Llorach, A; Navarrete-Munoz, EM; Martinez-Sanchez, JM. "Confidence interval reporting for measures of association in multivariable regression models in observational studies". Medicina Clinica (2019), 153(6), p.239-242.

Categoría: Medicine, General & Internal (SCIE)

Cuartil: 3


Navarro-Mateu, D; Cocho-Bermejo, A. "Evo-Devo Algorithms: Gene-Regulation for Digital Architecture". Biomimetics (2019), 4(3), número de art. 58.



Valls-Ontanon, A; Mendez-Manjon, I; Haas-Junior, OL; Ruiz-Magaz, V; Hernandez-Alfaro, F. "First reported bisphosphonate-related spontaneous oral-nasal fistula: a case report". Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology (2019), 48(1), p.85-86. Letter.

Categoría: Rheumatology (SCIE)

Cuartil: 3


Michael, R; Pareja-Arico, L; Rauscher, FG; Barraquer, RI. "Cortical Cataract and Refractive Error". Ophtalmic Research (2019), 62(3), p.157-165. 

Categoría: Ophtalmology (SCIE)

Cuartil: 3

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