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Publicaciones indexadas en Web of Science y Scopus

Jullien, S ; Pradhan, D; Tshering, T; Sharma, R; Dema, K; Garcia-Garcia, S; Ribo, JL; Munoz-Almagro, C; Bassat, Q. "Pneumonia in children admitted to the national referral hospital in Bhutan: A prospective cohort study". International Journal Of Infectious Diseases (2020), 95, p. 74-83

Categoría: Infectious Diseases (SCIE)

Cuartil: 2


Pena-Longobardo, LM ; Oliva-Moreno, J ; Zozaya, N ; Aranda-Reneo, I ; Trapero-Bertran, M ; Laosa, O ; Sinclair, A ; Rodriguez-Manas, L ; Autoría conjunta: MIDFRAIL Investigators. "Economic evaluation of a multimodal intervention in pre-frail and frail older people with diabetes mellitus: the MID-FRAIL project". Expert Review Of Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research (2020)

CategoríaHealth Policy & Services (SSCI)

Cuartil: 2


Machado, V; Aguilera, EM; Botelho, J; Hussain, SB; Leira, Y; Proenca, L; D'Aiuto, F; Mendes, JJ. "Association between Periodontitis and High Blood Pressure: Results from the Study of Periodontal Health in Almada-Seixal (SoPHiAS)". Journal Of Clinical Medicine (2020), 9(5), número de art. 1585

Categoría: Medicine, General & Internal (SCIE)

Cuartil: 1


Olaya-Escobar, ES; Berbegal-Mirabent, J; Alegre, I. "Exploring the relationship between service quality of technology transfer offices and researchers' patenting activity". Technological Forecasting And Social Change (2020), 157, número de art. UNSP 120097

Categoría: Business; Regional & Urban Planning (SSCI)

Cuartil: 1


Salomo-Coll, O ; Auriol-Muerza, B ; Lozano-Carrascal, N ; Hernandez-Alfaro, F ; Wang, HL ; Gargallo-Albiol, J. "Influence of bone density, drill diameter, drilling speed, and irrigation on temperature changes during implant osteotomies: an in vitro study". Clinical Oral Investigations (2020) 

Categoría: Dentistry, Oral Surgery & Medicine (SCIE)

Cuartil: 1


Marimon, F.; Mas-Machuca, M.; Llach, J. "Making the long and adventurous journey from quality to loyalty". Total Quality Management & Business Excellence (2020)

Categoría: Management (SSCI)

Cuartil: 2


Hoyuela, C. "Should redo surgery for gastroesophageal re flux disease be performed in high -volume centers?An invited commentary on "Laparoscopic repeat surgery for gastro-oesophageal re flux disease: Results of the analyses of a cohort study of 117 patients from a multicenter experience" (Int J Surg 2020;76:121-127)". International Journal Of Surgery (2020), 78, p. 62-63 [Letter]

Categoría: Surgery (SCIE)

Cuartil: 1


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